Selected Policies and Resources

The Office of Legal Counsel is involved in policymaking and compliance throughout the University, but we are often consulted about the following documents, policies, procedures, and resources. This list is by no means exhaustive; please refer to the University’s general website and the policies and procedures of its many divisions and schools for more information and details.

Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and University Statutes

Conflicts of Interest

Contracting and Signature Authority

Employee Indemnification

Equal Employment Opportunity, Accommodation of Disabilities

Ethics and Whistleblower Policies

Export Controls

Firearms and Other Lethal Weapons Policy

Human Resources

International Travel

Information Technology and Acceptable Use

Legal Counsel

Legal Entities

No Trespass (Ban) Policy

Political Activity

Record Management, Confidential Information, and Electronic Discovery

Safety, Security, and Emergency Management

Sexual Discrimination and Harassment

Student Affairs

University Governing Documents

University Research Administration